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What is this website?

This website is a personal effort by the inventor of the extraordinary robotic vehicle and the game AI Command which uses the robotic vehicle in the course of game play.

The web pages explain the technology and processes as they relate to the multi-player amusement game and the capabilities of the vehicle.  

Why is this website on the World Wide Web?

  • To present the CyberTank and AI Command
  • To be a starting point for discussion between venture capital investors and the inventor

Who is the inventor?

Bernard Sayers is the inventor of the vehicle and the game which is described in these pages. Mr. Sayers has been inventing for over 40 years. He holds patents in the fields of electronics and aerodynamics. Patents specific to the vehicle and the game mentioned in these pages are in various stages of development. See his RESUME HERE.

A short history by Bernard Sayers...

I am fortunate to have been born into a highly creative and entrepreneurial golf club manufacturing family which spans five generations.

In 1876, Ben Sayers, my great-grandfather and namesake, started the oldest, continually operating, golf club manufacturing business in the world which is located in North Berwick, Scotland. 

For over 130 years, the Sayers name has been world famous in the field of golf for the manufacture of custom-made golf clubs, inventive golf products, superior quality, innovative teaching methods and golf course architecture.

In addition to being the founder of the Ben Sayers club manufacturing company, Ben Sayers was the architect of many golf courses in Europe.

 A web page about Ben Sayers can be seen by clicking HERE.  [You'll be leaving this website so click your 'back' button to return here.]

I began working in the Sayers club making business during my early teens. I spent my early childhood and teen years with the Merion Golf Club, where my grandfather had been professional for 32 years, essentially in our back yard. I had to pick up errant golf balls from our lawn before cutting the grass. When I wasn't involved with wresting or football I was working in the family business after high school classes.

My time in the family business was spent working as an apprentice to my grandfather, George Sayers. In addition to learning how to make custom golf clubs, I spent many hours listening to him talk golf and business with celebrities and business owners from all over the world.

My granddad made the following statement quite often regarding the under utilized assets of a golf course:

 "Bernard, find a way to make money on a golf course all year around, and after dark, and you'll make a fortune for yourself and others."

After you have read about the vehicle and the game described in these web pages, I think you will agree that I have accomplished what my grandfather challenged me to do.

I have created a way to make money on a golf course year around and at night...and play golf on the course during the day!

The game I have created certainly does not have to be played only on a golf course; any suitable large, open area is appropriate. A golf course always has interesting terrain, the overall infrastructure in place to accommodate people...and the owners may want additional income from their course. I have designed vehicles which will allow for golf play during the day and AI Command game play after dark.

The dual 'Golf and Game' vehicle has the innovative "TeleCaddy" capability which permits golf playing partners to drive the vehicle using a fob similar to the device used to lock and unlock a car. Instead of 'lock' and 'unlock', the buttons are 'right', 'left', 'slower', 'faster' and 'Stop'. Either player can drive the vehicle from within the vehicle or from anywhere on the fairway.

The "TeleCaddy" version will decrease the amount of time for a total round of golf by speeding up play, and therefore, it will increase the number of players who can enjoy the game...and it will increase course revenue by permitting faster play, and more players, on courses that charge by the day. 

The different vehicle versions and the game are an out-growth of a robotic surveillance and security system that I designed and built for Sperry Defense Systems of Great Neck, Long Island.

My computer consulting company installed systems and designed programming for Sperry which was a prime U.S. Naval contractor. In addition to Sperry's U.S. Navy contracts, the company had contracts for surveillance, security and asset protection from the Saudi Arabian Navy.

We created and maintained a back-channel market and order-tracking system as well as a world-wide personnel tracking system for Sperry. During lunch with a Sperry Vice-president and other Sperry managers at which an up-coming contract was discussed, I suggested that Sperry consider including my surveillance robot as an additional capability when in contract talks with the Saudis.

By the end of the lunch, I was given carte blanche to enhance my prototype, man-carrying vehicle with the goal of augmenting or eliminating human sentry duties.

I assembled a fantastic team of seven rather young people and we built a working, man-carrying vehicle in a little over one year. The vehicle could roam autonomously, be controlled remotely or driven from within by security personnel. Although we severely modified the vehicle and added total computer control, collision avoidance and navigation systems, the initial platform used for the vehicle was a golf cart.

Sperry decided to use the vehicle as a contract sweetener in what turned out to be a very contentious bidding war for a multi-billion dollar security and surveillance contract to be awarded by the Saudi Arabian government.

Unfortunately for me and for my employees, Sperry lost the contract bidding war to the Bechtel Corporation.

After a period of time thinking about how I could capitalize on the sophisticated device that I created, I designed a game system around the vehicle while also keeping the vehicle capabilities on the cutting-edge technically.

All of the original security and surveillance capabilities exist with the current design; but, in my opinion, computer gaming is a very much larger, and more lucrative, market than security and surveillance.

I don't mean to downplay the security and surveillance market in today's post 2001 anti-terrorist world--that market is huge--but I think a gaming application of the vehicle and technology is much more lucrative.

Within the game environment, a team of two human participants learn how to control and interplay with the Artificial Intelligence of the vehicle as they endure various scenarios which escalate in difficulty for the players as their skill and experience increases.

The two humans learn about the AI as the AI learns about the two humans.

Without giving away any of the game ideas or telling how the vehicle does what it does until I have things covered by intellectual property protection, imagine yourself sitting in a vehicle which you can control by voice command, joystick, game controller or any USB game device.

Now, imagine yourself, your partner and your AI on a very important and challenging mission.

To learn more...CLICK HERE

Comments from Bernard Sayers...

If you have read this far, thank you!

These pages are written to introduce my vehicle, my game and myself to potential investors and business partners.

I apologize for not being more specific in regard to the vehicle, the game and the total business model but prudence is important when dealing with ideas. I must have intellectual property protection before discussing the concepts in detail.

After review by legal counsel future material in these pages will change to accommodate the direction we are taking.

Until then, poke on The Edge.



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Our mission is to build interactive, magical environments on The Edge which provide a very personal, unique and entertaining experience for every guest, every time they visit.

We bring safe, challenging, physically adaptive adventure and excitement into the lives of our visitors.

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