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Objectives of this resume

To highlight my systems design, programming and creative design experiences

To inform potential clients and investors of my entrepreneurial and business experience

To present hyper-linked references to patents, web pages and pictures of various design items with a major focus on AI Command

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   Systems and Program Design   

Hilton Hotel Corporation: Designed a construction inventory control and tracking system used to build the hotel-casino which became Trump Castle.

General Motors: Designed, initiated and taught desk top publishing to training staff at Wilmington, DE assembly plant. Authored and produced five manuals for R-380 robots and automated guided vehicles for use by floor personnel.

Kraft, Inc.: Co-designed a PC-based system to track flavor batching and production for Bryers Ice Cream division.

Sperry Defense Systems: Designed and programmed a PC-based system which tracked more than $1.5 billion in military marketing programs and costs related to each.

U. S. Silica Company: Designed and programmed PC-based system which produced accumulated weekly, monthly and yearly production costs.

Coastal Energy Enterprises, Inc: Designed and programmed a personnel tracking system used at six foreign and three domestic locations.

Sperry Arabia, Ltd.: Designed and programmed a ‘back-channel’ revenue tracking system.

Imperial International, Inc.: Designed and co-wrote a produce expediting and inventory system.

International Chemical Company: Designed and wrote a formulary application for pricing, inventory and chemical formulations. Also designed and  wrote MSDS generation system as well as order entry, invoicing and call report tracking.

Intelligent Robotic Systems, Inc.: Designed and co-wrote an autonomous vehicle command and control system for military and commercial security applications.

AI Command: Designed and wrote internet-based participatory role-playing game utilizing distributed location processing for game play from personal computers and from moving robots.


The patent numbers below link to the U. S. Patent Office web server.  The full patent text and pictures are available although some browsers may have difficulty rendering the drawings. 

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4,043,184  System for Custom Fitting of Golf Clubs

4,059,270 Digital Weighing Device for Golf Clubs

4,050,653  Balloon assembly and wing attachment

D239,099  Balloon assembly design Picture

Others patents in process.

   Entrepreneurial Experience  

Company business: Consulting, education, design and programming of computer systems and website design
Co-founder and General Manager
Company business: Y2k remediation and preparedness

Company business: Systems design, custom programming

Intelligent Robotic Systems, Inc.
Co-founder and President
Company Business: Design of robotic vehicular systems

Sigma Squared, Inc.
Co-founder and President
Company Business: Computer consultants and programmers

Sayers Golf Corporation
Co-founder and President
Company business: Development of a golf swing analyzer

East Coast Parachute Center, Inc
Founder and President
Company business: Operated parachute schools in NJ and PA

Newport Industries,
Company business: Metal finishing and polishing

Pyrodynamics, Inc.
Co-founder and corporate secretary
Company business: Design and manufacture of pyrotechnic devices, military pyrotechnics

   Creative Designs and Devices  
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Autonomous Land Vehicle Computerized, autonomous, surveillance & security vehicle

AI Command: PC-based and Web-based game. Patents pending.

Golf swing analyzer. PC-based golf swing analyzer for personal golf improvement. 

 System for Custom Fitting of Golf Clubs. Patent: 4,043,184

 Digital Weighing Device for Golf Clubs. Patent: 4,059,270


 ParaBalloon: Balloon assembly and wing attachment for control and forward motion. Patent: 4,050,653

 MacBalloon: Hot air balloon design depicting massive double-decker cheeseburger complete with 3-D cheese, lettuce and sesame seeds. Design patent: D239,099

 Robotic Ultra-light: Ultra-light aircraft. Man-carrying, flying prototype built with video and control telemetry for remote viewing and operation. 


Survival Flare Assembly: Hand-held, illumination signal, Mk 79 Mod 0

Personal Defense Devices: Tear gas pens, concealed protection devices.

Tear Gas Delivery Devices: Military and police anti-terrorist and anti-riot systems

Fireworks Display Systems: Electronic ignition, visual and sonic designs

Miscellaneous Designs

NeuroHelmet: Helmet-based interface device for control of vehicle and robotic systems

ChordicGlove: A computer interface system utilizing finger actuated switches

Belt’em: Wearable protection device for joggers and bicyclists

Camera Systems: Remote photo systems for sport parachutists after departing aircraft

Web page designs

Cedarview Kennels
The Woodchucker

Downe by the Creek Boat Rentals
AI Command: Consulting and Design

Teaching Experience

Executive Seminars: Executive-level computer familiarization and use. 1991-present

Teacher In-Service Seminars: Workshops on computer and Web technology. 1989-present

Computer Programming: Taught programming in adult night classes. 1978-1982

Licensed Parachute Instructor: Taught and supervised sport parachute instruction. 1969-1979

Troop Information Instructor: Military classroom instruction teaching weekly Department of  Defense topics. 1961-1962

High School Science: Substitute science teacher. Bridgeton, NJ school system. 1967

Personal Information

Health: Excellent Marital Status: Divorced Children: two daughters, one granddaughter, one grandson

Commercial Pilot Rating: 2300 hours
F. A. A. Senior Parachute Rigger: Chest and back certification
U. S. P. A. Instructor: Instructor and jumpmaster rating

Leisure Activities: Hot air ballooning,  the Internet, geocaching, reading, amateur radio.
Other: Member American Mensa, Ltd., MBTI: INTP

Patents: 4,043,184; 4,059,2704,050,653; D239,099 others pending.

Personal Website: