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312th CyberForce Commando Group

The Pictures

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The Technology


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The Vehicle

Vehicle Control Systems

1. Voice, joystick, brain wave, PDA, or finger control

2. Inexpensive, safe, exhilarating, challenging

3. Autonomous, remote teleoperation, man-carrying and TCP/IP [Internet-based control operation]






The air-droppable ALV-1 CyberTank

The CyberForce Vehicles

ROBOT2.jpg (51776 bytes)Full frontal view with all doors and covers on. Ultra-sonic transducers visible near lower driving lights and upper turret lights. This style body will support human occupants in any weather.

                          (51535 bytes)AI Command will be played at motor sports facilities, amusement and theme parks, golf courses, ski resorts or any large area of suitable terrain for the vehicle design chosen.

rifleEdRobot70.jpg (57414 bytes)AI Command can be played from a non-moving, sit-down simulator in a shopping mall or other arcade.

                              (53457 bytes)


AI Command vehicles are built on reliable and accepted golf cart designs which make no discernable noise. 

Runway2.jpg (52557 bytes)This photo shows the landing strip and test tracks used to develop the ALV-1 robot system at the 312th CyberForce Command headquarters.

 FM 3-12: The CyberCommander's Handbook

Other Markets

Military and commercial surveillance as well as high-valued asset protection was the original design purpose of this vehicle. It was design to patrol autonomously around oil processing and pumping facilities in Saudi Arabia.

The game version of the vehicle is featured in the pictures on this page. Other market areas into which the vehicle can be placed are: Golf Course using the TeleCaddy feature; construction site security; geriatric and senior citizen moving vehicles; instructional vehicle in schools and colleges for robotics, artificial intelligences and computer programming.

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