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312th CyberForce Commando Group

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1. Master the machine and enforce your will.

2. Control the data.

3. Stay alive.

AI Command is an interactive, role-playing game which can be played from within a moving, fully functional AI vehicle know as a CyberTank.

AI Command can be played at amusement and theme parks, golf courses, ski resorts or motor sports facilities. The vehicle is similar to a common golf cart and makes no discernable noise.  

AI Command can be played from a non-moving, sit-down simulator in a shopping mall or other arcade.

AI Command can be played from the safety of a personal computer using a connection to the Internet.

The CyberTank


                                The air-droppable ALV-1 CyberTank

AI Command is a role playing game with a significant amount of player inter-action. During portions of game play participants ride within a vehicle known as a CyberTank.

AI Command is a game in which each individual player will experience the game according to the player's personal involvement. Some players will be satisfied with guiding the CyberTank around the course while shooting at all in sight. Other players will appreciate the intellectual aspects and challenges of the game and play from a different perspective. A few will appreciate the humor.

AI Command players, usually two humans per vehicle, interplay with the vehicle in such a way that the vehicle becomes a third entity or team member within the game decision making process. The players will learn about the intelligence of the vehicle as the vehicle learns about the players. 

AI Command is designed to be played by the general public at selected theme and amusement park locations. The locations will be unique in that each has its own terrain which dictates the type of course.

The CyberForce Teams

The 312th Commando Group was formed originally from a small group of Navy SEALs; Army Delta Force; 82nd Airborne Division; 101st Airborne Assault Group and the geeks from high school who maintained the computer lab and fixed the AV movie projectors.

There are currently four operational AI Command teams which are part of the elite Special Operations unit the 312th CyberForce Commando Group, AIRBORNE.  

Existing teams are Alpha, Charlie, Golf and Tango. 

All players can avail themselves of various information regarding the course, the equipment, the computer systems, and the vehicle which will help them attain a high score. All data is available on-line for home PC use as well as from within the CyberTank.

The game incorporates the best concepts of skill and action, cognitive, fantasy, and war games. Players are "in" the game. Therefore, play is quite different than all other video games which are played as a semi-spectator. 

A novice player can negotiate a course by shooting at any and all targets but because the central computer keeps track of vehicle position and all hits the player will not increase in skill level to appreciate the more subtle underlying aspects of the game. 

As the players begin to understand the operating systems of the CyberTank, the computers and the full importance of teamwork they can increase their skill level. 

An increase in player skill will cause the central computer to create more challenging, dynamic opportunities. 

All first-time players are given the following:

1. FM 3-12: The CyberCommander's Handbook

2. FM 31-20: CyberForce Operational Techniques

3. FM 31-21: Guerilla Warfare & CyberForce Operations

4. FM 31-25: Glossary and Acronyms

5. A map of CyberSpace and RealSpace

6. A personal MemStik.

In order to excel at AI Command players are advised to know and be able to apply, in the SpecOps sense, all of the information in the pertinent manuals.

Be sure to pay attention.



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