The Autonomous Land Vehicle Project

The ALV project grew from work done under contract to Sperry Defense Systems in Great Neck, New York.

The project has gone through many stages. Initially, the vehicle and control system was meant to be a security and surveillance concept to augment human sentry and security. As work progressed, it became obvious to the Sperry people and ours that the units had considerable potential as a military augmentation system.

Here are a few pictures. The full story will be told later.

Our famous dog and our famous vehicle can be seen here.

Here is a picture of the 'military version' which was designed to be air-droppable via parachute.

Take a look at this 'game configuration' of the vehicle here.

Another picture of the vehicle is here.
You can see the test tracks at our location here.

In addition to the robotic vehicle, we also designed and built a prototype ultralight aircraft with the intention of selling the concept as a surveillance vehicle. Mostly, it was a challenge 'to do it' to see if it could be done.

We originally wanted to fly the ultralight along the beaches on the New Jersey shore as an advertising vehicle similar to banner towing aircraft. Our first advertisement was for a chain of retail computer stores back during the Apple Era of personal computers. Take a look here.

Another picture of yours truly flying the 'lawn chair in the sky'. Note my left hand on the pneumatic camera release. I mounted a Canon AE-1 on the wing strut. Neat picture, don't you think? Take a look here.

Our next step is to drive the robot over the internet using a common everyday browser.

The flying of the ultralight over the internet will have to wait...


Bernie Sayers