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Vortex Check In

March 18, 2006

Vortex: Within branches of computer science and social science a 'vortex' is localized web portal which has been customized, modified and populated with specific information which fits some particular demographics of a physical area or geographical location within consensual reality. The vortex is a combination of web-accessible databases contain pictures, video and text descriptions of locations as well as real-time, on-line VOIP and webcam systems. In this sense, a 'vortex' can be viewed as portal between CyberSpace and RealSpace. 

A hacker and a bookstore owner consider the word 'Vortex' to be synonymous with 'The Edge.'

Passage beyond this point requires considerable intelligence, love of a challenge, weird wit, free coffee and bibliophilia.

If you think your deserve entry into the Vortex, think back over recent conversations you had where passwords were mentioned. Think about the first word which came to your lips during that conversation. That word is your password.

Solve this riddle.

If Y were an I in the book vendor's name would she be a friend?

If you answered 'Yes' your first name is your user name and the password is your password.

To confirm that you meet the intelligence requirements to enter the Vortex, send a short email with your username, as determined from the above, as the addressee/recipient of the email and at the domain on the business card given to you when you met the guy with the idea for the game you are just beginning to play.

The form of the address for the email you are sending is: YourFirstName@TheGuy'

In other words, you are sending an email by putting your first name before the @ and using TheGuy's domain for the rest of the address.

In the subject block of the email, enter the last four digits of your store telephone number.

If you can't figure this out after a minimum of one hour of trying call Customer Support at the number on the business card.

If all else fails, click HERE.

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