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FM 31-20
CyberForce Operational Techniques

August 29, 2011


    Chapter 1. General

Purpose and Scope

This manual discusses operational techniques in accordance with the policies and standards outlined in FM 31-22 which should be used by all CyberForce commands.

This manual describes intelligence, psychological considerations, infiltration, air operations, amphibious operations, communications, logistics, cyberspace techniques, demolitions, CyberForce field maneuvers, martial arts, medical aspects and other techniques.

    Chapter 2. Intelligence
        Section I. General
            Intelligence consideration in a Cyber Warfare Operational Area (CWOA)
            Intelligence considerations in counterinsurgency
            Intelligence considerations in CyberSpace

        Section II. Area study/area assessment
            General Area Study
            Operational Use in Unconventional and Cyber Warfare
            Operation Use in Counterinsurgency
            Area Assessment
            Psychological Intelligence Considerations

        Section III. Cybersystems

    Chapter 3. Psychological operations
        Section I. Psychological Operations and Persuasion

        Section II. Planning

        Section III. Propaganda Production and Use

    Chapter 4. Infiltration
        Section I. Infiltration in Unconventional and Cyber Warfare Operations

        Section II. Planning Considerations for Counterinsurgency Operations

    Chapter 5. Planning and Operations
        Section I. Unconventional and Cyber Warfare

        Section II. Considerations for Counterinsurgency

        Section III. Training of Indigenous Forces

    Chapter 6. Air Operations
        Section I. General

        Section II. DZ Selection and Reporting

        Section III. Marking Drop Zones

        Section IV. HALO Operations

        Section V. DZ Landing Operations

        Section VI. Air Landing Operations

        Section VII. Landing Zone (Water)

        Section VII. Landing Zones for Rotary-Wing Aircraft

    Chapter 7. Raids, Amushes, Systems Hacking
        Section I. Raids

        Section II. Ambushes

        Section III. Systems Hacking

        Section IV. Other Interdiction Techniques

    Chapter 8. Water Operations
        Section I. Introduction

        Section II. Offensive mission operations

        Section III. Interdiction

        Section IV. Defensive mission operations

        Section V. Employment of unconventional and cyber forces after link-up

    Chapter 9. Communications and Electronics

    Chapter 10. Cybernetic Operations

    Chapter 11. Logistics

    Chapter 12. Demolitions and Engineering

    Chapter 13. Medical Aspects of CyberForce Operations

Appendix I. References
Appendix II. Catalogue Supply System
Appendix III. Area study guide
Appendix IV. Area assessment
Appendix V. Glossary of terms

Produced and updated by the
Training Command
312th Cyberforce Commando Group

Copyright ©1993-2012 Bernard Sayers

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