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December 10, 2005

The flight originated from Dave's Aerodrome in Cedarville, NJ. The pilot was Dave Gidzinzki. Riders are Beth XXX of Cedarville, NJ and Carol Halter of XXX.
Lift off time:                Minimum altitude: 0 feet.  Maximum altitude: 1500 feet
Landing time:                    Landing was at the Rutgers University agricultural research lab in Upper Deerfield. ? Maximum speed while flying indicated by GPS: 38 mph.

Dave Explains how the fan will fill out the envelope with cold air prior to adding hot air from the burners.
I held the crown-line as the balloon began to grow, twist, and roll. Holding the balloon steady in the rather brisk wind was quite a challenge...but lots of fun. The official "Greenhead" can be seen in the yellow panel above the rope contact point on the balloon.

Dave gives his final command to the ground crew and as the trip begins their journey. Beth in sun glasses and Carol begin their flight.
Slow and low in middle of Cedarville. Seeing Dave and his balloon is a rather common occurrence for the residents of Cedarville.

The balloon passing overhead at about 150 feet. We could easily talk to them when they were low. At one point they climbed to 1500 feet and were moving 38 miles per hour across the ground as they were carried by the wind.
After deflation and all air is squeezed from the envelope it is further squeezed and wrapped ever 10 feet with nylon tape held firmly with Velcro. The wrapped envelope is much easier to handle then not wrapped.
Maurice Cobb(sp?) from Cedarville wraps one of the final Velcro and Nylon tapes as Dave squeezes air from the envelope. The smaller the diameter can be made the easier it is to wrestle the envelope into its carry bag.