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Amelia Earhart

May 24, 2005

Granddad Sayers taught many famous people to play golf or he made custom golf clubs for them.
When I was in my teens and worked at the family business every Saturday, he made it a point to have me work on the golf clubs of some rather famous people.

I worked on President Dwight D. Eisenhower's clubs, comedian Jackie Gleason's clubs and Reverend Billy Graham's clubs. I'm sure I worked on a number of movie actors but I can't remember at the moment.

One of the more famous people that granddad was associated with was Amelia Earhart. Of course, she was lost in the Pacific Ocean on her trip around the world before I was born but granddad taught her how to play golf and made custom clubs for her.

After getting out of parachute drop zone ownership, I often worked as a 'gypsy pilot' flying jumpers in my Cessna 182 where ever I was needed. One weekend I was asked to fly for a group of women skydivers who were jumping into a gathering of female pilots, members of a Pennsylvania chapter of the Ninety-nines, at an airport in Pennsylvania.

Many women pilots are members of a group called the Ninety-nines. Amelia Earhart was the first president of the group which represented ninety-nine of the 117 female pilots at that time.

After flying a few loads of the female jumpers, I stood around talking with some of the members of the Ninety-nines. During my chat I mentioned to one of the ladies that my granddad had taught and made golf clubs for Ms. Earhart. From her body language and facial expressions, I got the distinct impression that she didn't believe me.

I then told her about a letter that my granddad had framed and on his wall in his den. I told her that there was a large, gold medal from some city in Europe that Ms. Earhart was given by the city. Ms. Earhart had sent the letter and medal to my granddad as a token of thanks for helping her play a better game of golf.

At that point, I had everyone's attention. Two of the women were extremely animated and excited. They were excited about the medal that granddad had. "Do you have it?"

I told them I didn't know where it was since granddad had died about 10 years before. They kept saying, "...but that must be the medal from..." that is unaccounted for. Ms. Earhart was so famous in Europe that where ever she went she was given 'the keys to the city' or some gift from the city. Apparently, Ms. Earhart was given a medal, or medallion, by a European city.

My grandfather had many pieces of memorabilia and letters in his study. None made as much impression on me as the Earhart letter. Unfortunately, I can't remember which European city had given the medallion to her.

The location of the missing medallion that Miss Earhart gave to my granddad as a token of friendship and thanks for the help he gave her with her golf swing is another of the many mysteries surrounding the world's most famous female pilot.

My sister Susan and I have searched everywhere we could and have not been able to find the missing medal.

The Official Amelia Earhart website can be seen HERE.

Another website with information about her is HERE.

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