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Millville Junior Chamber of Commerce Sponsored Air Show Parachute Demo: July 9, 1972

August 28, 2005

Many people in Cumberland County think of the Golden Knights Parachute Team when they think of parachute jumping at the Millville Air Show.  Actually, jumpers from my parachute school in Woodbine, NJ were the first to jump at a Millville air show after World War II.

In the above picture, Michael Supple and Terry Zeller, two of my instructors, can be seen shortly after their daring smoke jump into the Air Show. A smoke canister can be seen on Michael's right foot. At the right is Bob Cresse, of Rio Grande, who was the pilot. I was the announcer for the jump in addition to making a 1970s fashion statement with my bell-bottomed trousers and fancy shirt. 

Bob Cresse was one of the most talented pilots with whom I had ever flown. He flew the line patrol aircraft for Atlantic City Electric and had over 12,000 hours at the time he flew at the air show. Bob also become an instructor and jumpmaster and went on to make well over 1500 jumps. Unfortunately, he has gone to the big drop zone in the sky after losing a battle with cancer.

Michael Supple is living in Ithaca, NY where he is a special education teacher at the local high school during the school year. He works as a kayak instructor who specializes in teaching the Eskimo Roll.

Terry Zeller was an instructor with the U. S. Coast Guard in Cape May at the time of this jump. Terry made his first jump with me and liked parachuting so much that he became a jumpmaster and an instructor. He now lives with his family near Millville and works as a manager for a local sand mining company. Terry is also a hard-hat deep sea diver who worked for a time diving with sharks in the huge tanks at the N. J. State Aquarium in Camden, NJ.

Although I was promised that we would be asked back for the next Millville air show, we were up-staged in following years by the U. S. Army Golden Knights. It doesn't sting quite so much when one gets up-staged by the very best in the world. Having often jumped on weekends at the same DZ at Ft. Bragg, NC when I was in the 82nd Airborne Division, I knew a number of Knights who jumped at subsequent Millville shows.

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